In the news: Chinese students looking for the elite American boarding school experience, Marvelwood School, a U.S. boarding school, said to be disillusioned

All About Revenue

Agents are “all about these additional sources of revenue,” said Sklarow, director of the consultants’ association. “What kind of school thinks it’s not healthy to communicate directly with a parent?”

While ISES “helps us with passing information to families,” parents can look at student grades and attendance as well as notes from teachers on a secure website, Conrad said.

“Many parents do not speak English so we forward reports and all communication to our regional office in China to translate so the parents are properly informed,” Diane Andres, ISES vice president for operations and enrollment, said in an e- mail.

Study Group[24], based in Sydney, Australia, with offices in China, has also referred international students to Chapel Hill- Chauncy Hall, including senior David Chen. Growing up in Shanghai and Taiwan, Chen dreamed of studying physics and music at MIT, he said. When elite U.S. boarding schools placed him on their waiting lists, Study Group recommended Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall as a safety, he said. The agency dodged his questions about the school’s average SAT scores, Chen said.

‘A Misunderstanding’

“The first day I got here, I was asking, ‘Did anybody here go to Harvard or MIT?’” Chen said. “They all acted shocked. Nobody here ever went to Harvard, MIT or any top 10 school.”

No Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall graduate entered MIT in 2007- 2010. Of the eight elite Ivy League colleges, only Cornell enrolled at least one graduate of the boarding school during that time, according to the school’s website.

“Our expectation and normal practice would be to ensure students have the full information they need,” said Nick Rhodes, a New York executive of Study Group, which represents about 12 U.S. high schools.“It may be a misunderstanding.”

The school can’t control how agents portray it, Conrad said. “There’s no way on this great earth I can tell you what they say and what their marketing approach is.”

Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall has discontinued its relationship with Study Group, he said.

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